Casa Sicilia Chair

The Casa Cesilia Enotourism Curriculum was born as the result of the signing of a collaboration agreement between Miguel Hernández University of Elche and the Vectalia group. Its objective is to promote winemaking and the wine heritage of the region.  Therefore, it focuses on the development and transfer of knowledge in the field of wine tourism through training and research, as well as the organization of seminars, conferences and other outreach activities.

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The Chair will be directed by David López Lluch, professor of the UMH Area of Economics, Sociology and Agrarian Policy. The Advisory Council will be made up of the UMH Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Manuel Miguel Jordán Vidal; the president of the Vectalia group, Joaquín Arias; and the winemaker and head of wine tourism at Casa Cesilia, Francisco Granado and Benjamín Marcos. The professor of the UMH Department of Applied Biology, Juan José Ruiz Martínez, will be the Chair secretary.”

Los miembros que componen la Cátedra de Enoturismo Casa cesilia